Mr. Shah Muhammed Hasan

Mr. Shah Muhammed Hasan is an industrious and charitable person. Graduating from the University of Karachi in 1970, Mr. Hasan began his career in government service in 1967. After serving for nine years he retired, joining Bangladesh Inland Water Transportation Authority (BIWTA) as the Commander of Survey Vessels in 1977 and later he joined the Chittagong Port Authority in the Marine Department in 1979. He started his entrepreneurial career in 1984, with a shipping and CNF business called Mariners Bangladesh Ltd. Finally, in 1992, Mr. Hasan joined Confidence Group as a Sponsor Director of Confidence Cement PLC, and has been a director ever since. In the meantime, he also began serving as a Director for Prime Insurance Company Ltd.

Other than his professional career, Mr. Hasan is also a decorated member of Lions Club International and has served as the Past District Governor of Lions Club International. He is also a lifetime member of Bangladesh Lions Foundation, as well as the Chittagong Lions Foundation. Lions Club has recognized him for several awards, which include Lions Club International Presidential Award (twice), Lions Club International Leadership award (3 times), and the Lions Club Membership Growth Award. He is also a member of Bangladesh Cancer Foundation, Maa-O-Shishu Hospital and is also involved with Autistic Children’s Welfare Foundation, organizations for the blind and hearing-impaired children. Thus his work on social and educational development is highly admirable.

Apart from Confidence Cement PLC, He is also a Director of Confidence Infrastructure Ltd., Confidence Batteries Ltd., and a Nominated Director of Confidence Cement PLC, in the Board of Confidence Power Holdings Ltd, Confidence Cement Dhaka Ltd., and Zodiac Logistics Ltd.