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Standard Quality
Our cement meets ASTM standard which is much higher than the one set by BSTI.
Quality Production

It is manufactured using finest and best quality raw materials with the help of the most advanced technology.

Strength And Durability
Confidence Cement is highly durable and extra strong. Our success is attributed to diligence through various tests performed by professional standard testing organizations like BUET and BSTI.
High Workability And Extra Fineness

Confidence Cement is highly workable owing to its fineness, without compromising on strength. Consequently, it produces higher strength of concrete with minimum cement content.

Reliable Packaging
Confidence Cement ensures accurate weight and reliable packaging through fully integrated and automated packing machine.
Quality Control and Timely Delivery

Confidence Cement PLC maintains the quality of it’s cements through detailed quality control measures on a regular basis. Using the latest logistical strategies, the company maintain uninterrupted supply to the doorstep of its customers within the least possible time.

After Sales Service
Confidence Cement PLC puts customer feedback at the highest priority and tries to provide the best after sales services.
Uninterrupted Production

Confidence Cement has 3.33 MW power plant to ensure uninterrupted power supply for smooth production and delivery.

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