Sustainable benefits of ready mix concrete

Reduced construction cost and time

  • Reducing material wastage
  • Lowering labor cost
  • Reducing storage costs

Ensured quality

Water-cement ratio and grading of the aggregates are next to impossible with the old fashioned concrete. With ready mix concrete, especially from Confidence Ready Mix products, quality is always ensured as we use state of the art machineries and testing equipment.

Environment friendly

Insulated concrete wall systems provide high R-value and thermal mass with low air infiltration to provide superior thermal efficiency and optimal energy performance over the long life of the building.

Reduced maintenance cost

In the long run, concrete buildings and pavements stand the test of time through their extreme durability and low maintenance requirements, and have a significant sustainable advantage over other structures.

Utilize locally available raw materials

Why Confidence Ready-Mix (CRM)

  1. CRM has most modern water treatment plant for ensuring saline and iron free pure water
  2. We are using best quality Bholagonj Boulder crushed stoned chips, Sylhet Sands for maintaining higher quality that our clients always look for
  3. We have most modern concrete research laboratory where highly trained quality assurance personnel are working to ensure possible best quality RMC production
  4. CRM power generator plant ensures 24 hours uninterrupted power generation


Production Capacity of plant 50 m3per hour
Grades All Kinds of standard grade concrete required by client.
Pumping Facility

Sophisticated and efficient concrete pump can be provided to customer’s site for using concrete in high rise structures. RMC can be pumped up to a specific height at a maximum speed.

( Two pump)

Price Final unit price will be offered based on required quantity, grade, pumping rent and point of delivery site.


Machinery Support

In present operation the following are the machinery supports:

Simem Batching Plant                          : 50 Mᵌ/hr capacity

Transit Mixer                                          : 7 Mᵌ

Concrete Pump                                       : 70 Mᵌ/hr

Pulzzmeister Pay- Loader                    : Bucket Capacity 2 Mᵌ

Weighting Scale                                     : 60 MT

Cement silo                                             :  (100×2) MT

Generator                                                : 250 KVA


Specification of Constituents:

Cement                                                         : Portland Composite Cement

                                                                          Ordinary Portland cement

                                                                          Type: CEMIIB-M(S-L) 42, 50

                                                                          Grade: 42, 50 52, 50

Coarse Aggregate                                        : Well graded Machine crushed stone chips from 

                                                                          Bholagonj Boulder in proportion as ASTM C-33,  

                                                                          AASHTO M80

Fine Aggregate                                             : 100% Shylhet sand of F, M-2-50(Min)

Admixture                                                     :  ASTM C 494 Type: G

Water                                                             :  By using water treatment plant

Batching                                                        :  Accomplished by weight batcher

Mixing                                                           :  Accomplished by shaft Mixer